Wild Flowers + What I’ve Given Up

I actually started looking at the calendar to plan out our next couple of trips and events and I realized……I only have a month left of summer?! WHAT?! Where has the time gone?

Right before school let out in June, I stopped drinking soda. It’s really not good for you and it does absolutely nothing for you, health wise. I would normally drink one or two a day. I finally got to a point where I realized, I really don’t drink enough water. So I made a change. I completely shut out soda from my diet.

When I first started, it was a little difficult. Where I would normally grab a soda from the vending machines at work, now I had to bring a container to fill with water or make sure to bring water to school with me. The vending machine in our teachers’ lounge does NOT have water. PLUS, I really don’t trust the water fountains in our school. Luckily, our librarian, Mandy, has a filter attached to her sink. So you can see where this just gets a little more complicated. I continued to make the effort though. I made it work.

I have now gone almost 3 months without soda (except I did have a coke when we went out to the bar the other night). I was the DD and I didn’t trust the water there. At this point, I would say I have about 8 or more glasses of water a day. Apart from coffee in the morning, I normally drink water the rest of the day. That’s a lot of water consumption.

I have actually noticed a TON of differences with my body and health. You know how you always hear people say there are benefits of drinking a ton of water….okay, I am one of them. I must have just been oblivious to these things before because they are completely obvious now.

  1. Clear Skin. I don’t break out as much. Seriously, my skin is 10x clearer than it was before. When I do have a drink with a ton of sugar in it now, I will notice some little pimples pop up. So I know it is a direct result of those drinks. Water doesn’t do that to your skin. My skin is clearer and my complexion is brighter.
  2. Promotes weight loss – less calories. You really should look at the ingredients in soda. SOO MUCH SUGAR and empty calories. Water reduces eating intake (by filling up your tummy if consumed prior to meals), reduces hunger, raises your metabolism and has zero calories!
  3. Headache Remedy. I have less headaches. After going months now and having them significantly reduce, I know this is because of the water. Some people have said it’s because I’m not working and I’m not stressed out, but I have a summer job……so that’s not it. The water is definitely cleansing my body and relieving my headaches.
  4. (GIRLS ONLY) Now this next one I’m still not 100% convinced but I’m getting there. My period has not been as bad as it normally is. I usually have VERY painful cramps the first and last day. Now, for the month of July, I didn’t have as much of a problem – which was FANTASTIC! Since it was only one month, I’m not sure it’s related yet but I’m hoping ha-ha.
  5. Hydrated. I can clearly tell now when I am dehydrated. Whenever my throat is dry or lips start to crack or I feel thirsty, I know I need water. Again, I must have just been oblivious before because it’s completely obvious to me now. My body is constantly craving water ALL DAY. I try to drink at least 8 glasses now, which is not really as hard as I used to think. Since I really only drink coffee, water, or tea, it’s become a lot easier to get the necessary water I need.
  6. Hair Care. My hair actually feels a lot healthier. Doesn’t feel so dry, isn’t breaking as much, and overall just feels better.

So all in all, I have definitely noticed a difference in my body and overall health. I feel cleaner, if that makes sense AT ALL. If you are thinking of cutting out soda, do it. Seriously. Your body will thank you.


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