Getting Cheeky 

Happy Monday! These shorts have been on constant repeat for me lately. They are sooo comfortable and go with pretty much everything. Unfortunately, they are no longer available. However, these Summertime Vibe shorts are pretty similar in style – link here. I also have a referral link to get you 20% off your first order – here.

Today officially starts the week of Pony Penning. Pony Penning is basically our biggest ‘local’ holiday. This week is also one of the craziest during the summer on the island. Assateague Island (our beach) is home to hundreds of wild ponies. These ponies have roamed the beaches, forests, and marshes since the 1600’s. The horses arrived on Assateague by way of a Spanish galleon ship, with these horses on board, sank off the shore. During this week, there are a ton of horse related events taking place. This weekend the rounded up the southern herd and very first thing this morning, they walked the north herd down the beach. Wednesday is the official swim (which always has a LARGE number of people in attendance). Thursday is the auction and Friday they swim back.

Our local fire department takes care of these horses. They’re rounded up a few times each year for vet checks and of course for Pony Penning. To make sure that the population stays at a safe number, the Saltwater Cowboys swim the ponies over to Chincoteague for auction. Only a select number of foals will be sold off. The people who purchase them have to go through background checks and maintain communication with the fire department about the well-being of the pony their purchased. Our community takes this very seriously. A lot of people ask me if it’s cruel for the horses. Honestly, no. These horses tend to swim over on their own throughout the year when the grass looks really good or they want to cool off and go for a swim. The cowboys wait until slack tide before they swim them as well – which is the safest water level (calm and low). Check out the local chamber of commerce website for more info.


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