Coffee + Crepes

This past weekend, the new island food truck opened up. The Island Joe has coffee and crepes. Is it weird that I’ve never had a crepe before? Garrett says I’m sheltered lol but where else on the shore would I have had one!? When I was reminded that The Island Joe was opening, I made sure we visited on Saturday morning. It was delicious! I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without having a crepe before. I got the Nutella Crepe and Garrett got the Cinnamon Sugar and Butter one. They are made there on the spot. Super fresh and delicious.

The coffee is also fresh. I watched him pull my delicious espresso shots. They also have milk alternatives which is a huge thing for us. Neither Garrett nor I drink milk. I am partial to Almond milk and he prefers soy milk.

If you’re in the neighborhood during the weekends (until the end of June) be sure to check them out! They are in the Ropewalk parking lot. Bright red truck – you can’t miss it!

Check out their facebook page for more info – link here.


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