Beach Sunset

There is nothing more magical to me than the sunrise and sunset. It’s the start of a new beginning or the end of another day. Surprisingly, they both represent something sentimental to me too. We threw my grandfathers ashes out into the ocean a few years ago around mid-afternoon/sunset. Also, since loosing my grandmother almost two years ago, on the anniversary of her death and her birthday, I always make it a point to go to the beach during sunrise to say hello to her.

I’ve been purchasing a lot of two pieces lately. This skirt is one of them. I purchased the skirt and crop top (both are no longer available) for our trip to Florida during spring break. I love getting two pieces because it’s super cute together but then you have the option to mix and match pieces.

Here are some similar skirt options: Here and here. They both happen to have a matching top too, if you’re interested. Both are also under $40.

We took a little stroll out to the beach this day. We realized how much Assateague has changed over the years. Each year, they have to create new duns and expand the parking lot to make up for the fact that the beach is disappearing. Garrett doesn’t believe is climate change or that the water level is rising but it’s right here clear as day. I’m trying to make more of an effort to cut back on our plastic usage. We’ve started off by cutting out straws from our everyday use. I just recently purchased some reusable ones for us. It’s a small step but hopefully we can build on this.

Garrett really hates having his picture taken. That’s why you don’t normally see him in photos. I have to get random shots of him when he’s not looking. He’s so cute though! I have to capture it.

Have a great day! xoxo


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