Atlantic Shoals Surf Shop

Garrett, Finnick, and I went shopping the other day at my favorite place to shop on Chincoteague. Atlantic Shoals and Girls Day Out on Maddox Blvd. They literally have anything and everything I need for summers on the island. Surfboards, boogie boards, cute clothes, bathing suits, swim trunks, sunscreen, and alcohol! ha ha.

I haven’t been over there in quite some time so it was a much needed trip. They have so many new clothes, shoes, and accessories. Garrett found several pairs of board shorts he liked. Which is great because Garrett never shops for himself! Normally I’m the one getting all his clothes because I can never convince him to actually spend money on himself. Finnick came with us too! We had some fun putting him on a skateboard and rolling him around. I’m so surprised that he actually stayed on! WHAT!? My boy… whose scared of everything… actually stayed on the board?! ha ha.

I found several tops for summer that I had to have. Some really cute off the shoulder pieces and a couple of cute t-shits. Garrett loved some of the new socks they have in store… very patriotic. He got a pair with a Bald Eagle on them!

I’m thinking the next time my girlfriends are in town, we’re gonna need to go shopping!

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